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Services We Cater For Residential Gas Flow Meters

Custody of gas for the population is the main purpose of Domestic gas meters.These are installed in the apartments with gas stoves or other equipment for gas at a flow rate of not more than 2.5 m3/ hr - 6 - 10 m3/ hr.of natural gas or liquified petroleum gas.
Benefits :
Super compact design.
Long term accuracy and reliability.
No maintenence required.
The high degree of corrosion protection.
Ability to connect LF sensor.
Warranty period 36 months,the service life of 20 years ,calibration interval 10 years.
The filter screen inside the meter.
Available with right and left direction of the gas flow.
Outdoor seating -40 to 60 Dg.C.
Type approval certificate of GBS,CGS etc.
Models with electronic display and electronic temperature compensator.
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