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KRACHT - Screw-Type Flow Meter SVC
Screw-type flow meters belong to the group of positive displacement flow meters. Two measuring spindles (pos. 2) with a screw-shaped profile engage with each other.
They are low-friction mounted using roller contact bearings (pos. 3) and enclosed by a housing (pos. 1). The liquid flow causes the spindles to rotate and passes through the device in an axial direction. In so doing, self-contained part volumes are formed which are continuously filled and emptied.
This principle of measurement causes no pressure and/or flow pulsations.
A sensing wheel attached to the measuring spindle (pos. 4) is scanned by two non-contact sensors. Using two sensors, a bidirectional flow with detection of flow-direction is possible. The inflow and outflow occurs almost without deflection.
Consequently, the device exhibits a relatively low drop in pressure. Measuring this way does not require the flow to be calmed at the inlet and outlet. All moving parts are lubricated by the measurement medium.
Product Characteristics
Very low pressure drop
High-response measurement
Measurement with changing flow direction
pulsation free measurement principle
High working pressure
Very low noise emission
Measurement independent of viscosity within the specified ranges
High-precision measurement with outstanding reproducibilit
Temperature-independent output signals over a wide temperature range
High degree of accuracy, even with low flow rates at the bottom end of the measuring range
High working reliability of the electronics
Easy to use terminal of the preamplifier
Working indication of the electronic
Sensor system and preamplifier in EMC-compatible design
Explosion-proof version available (ATEX)
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Product Portfolio
Gear Pumps
Gear pumps for lubricating oil supply equipment, low pressure filling and feed systems, dosing and mixing systems.
Flow Measurement
Gear, turbine and screw type flow meters and electronics for volume and flow metering technology in hydraulics, processing and laquering technology.
Mobile Hydraulics
Single and multistage high pressure gear pumps, hydraulic motors and valves for construction machinery, vehicle-mounted machines.
Industrial Hydraulics / Test Bench Construction
Cetop directional control and proportional valves, hydraulic cylinders, pressure, quantity and stop valves for pipe and slab construction, hydraulic accessories for industrial hydraulics (mobile and stationary use). Technology Test benches / Fluid Test benches.