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KRACHT - Gear Type Flow Meter for Painting Technology
The measuring mechanism of the KRACHT Volume counter VCL 0.1 for painting technology consists of a pair of gear wheels driven by fluid flow in accordance with the principle of operation of a gear motor.
The measuring mechanism bearing system comprises radial and axial bearings.
The sensor system is separated from the measuring compartment; there is no contact with the medium.
The motion of the gear wheels is scanned by a magnetoresistive sensor.
The KRACHT VCL 0.1 Volume counter are supplied with gear wheels and bearings coated with a hard material surface.
An Explosion proof versions for the VCL 0.1 is available.
Principle of Operation
All volume counters are available in explosionproof design according to ATEX.
The explosion-proof design consists of the volume counter (intrinsically safe electrical apparatus) and the
   switching amplifier K 130 (associated electrical apparatus).The type of protection „intrinsic safety“ applies to
   this construction.
Measurement with changing flow direction
The volume counter is installed in the potentially explosive atmosphere.
The mounting of the switching amplifier K 130 is carried out in the safe area.
Volume counter and switching amplifier are electrically connected to each other. The switching amplifier
   evaluates the sensor signals and converts them to square-wave signals.
Without switching amplifier, the volume counter must not be operated in the potentially explosive
Cable lengths of up to 400 m are possible between volume counter and switching amplifier.
LED’s for monitoring line breaks / short circuits, channel switching state and power supply are located on
   the switching amplifier.
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