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Smooth Flowmeters Products
KRACHT - Gear Type Flow Meter VCA /VCN / VCG
The gear type flow meters of the type VCA/VCN/VCG are flow meters for liquids with a certain lubri city.
The measuring unit of the KRACHT volume counter consists of a pair of gears, driven by a liquid flow on the principle of a gear motor.
The plain bearing provides both axial and radial support to the gears.
The movement of the gears is sampled without contact by a sensor located in the cover.
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Product Portfolio
Transfer Pumps
Transfer pumps for lubricating oil supply equipment, low pressure filling and feed systems, dosing and mixing systems.
Flow Measurement
Gear and turbine flow meters and electronics for volume and flow metering technology in hydraulics, processing and aquering technology.
Mobile Hydraulics
Single and multistage high pressure gear pumps, hydraulic motors and valves for construction machinery, vehicle-mounted machines.
Industrial Hydraulics / Test Bench Construction
Cetop directional control and proportional valves, hydraulic cylinders, pressure, quantity and stop valves for pipe and slab construction, hydraulic accessories for industrial hydraulics (mobile and stationary use).
Technology Test benches / Fluid Test benches.