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KRACHT - Gear Type Flow Meter VC
1 Housing    2 Cover   3 Gear    4 Preamplifier    5 Connector    6 Sensor    7 Bearing assembly
The measuring gears are driven by the liquid flow on the principle of a gear motor.
The gears run without contact in the measuring chamber. The bearing elements are low-friction ball or plain bearings.
The movement of the gears is sampled without contact by means of two sensors located in the cover. Between sensor compartment and measuring chamber is located a pressure-resistant, non-magnetic separator plate.
When the measuring mechanism rotates by one tooth pitch, the sensor emits a signal which corresponds to the geometrical tooth volume Vgz.
The signal is converted into a square-wave signal by the preamplifier.
The two-channel sampling permits better resolution as well as recognition of the flow direction.
Product Characteristics
Optimized for individual applications because the series have been rendered media-specific by means of differing clearances, bearing variants and materials.   High-precision measurement with outstanding reproducibility
Wide measuring ranges with sizes graduated to meet specific requirements. Temperature-independent output signals over a wide
temperature range
Measurement independent of viscosity within the specified ranges. High degree of accuracy, even with low flow rates at the bottom end of the measuring range
Low pressure drop High working reliability of the electronics
High-response measurement Easy to use terminal of the preamplifier
High working pressure Working indication of the electronic
Low noise emission Sensor system and preamplifier in EMC-compatible design
Explosion-proof version available for all volume counters  
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