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Smooth Flowmeters Kracht Germany Eposignal Russia

Smooth flowmeters,we manufacture and supply Positive Displacement meters,Turbine and screw gas flowmeters,Indicators/ Totalizers,Batch controllers and various custom based systems and solutions.

Kracht a medium sized,family run business,is a globally active company with over 300 employees working at the Werdohl based head office in Germany and another 85 members of staff in China,USA and Hungary.

Currently, LLC EPO "Signal" manufactures products in three areas: aviation and aerospace equipment, general industrial equipment, gas and heating equipment.
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Smooth Flowmeters
Smooth Flowmeters provides knowledge, service, products and turnkey solutions for the control and efficient use of steam, air and other industrial fluids for industrial and commercial users in the India.
Smooth Flowmeters,a name getting popularity in the field of instrumentation for its commissioning and ...
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With an operating strain at less than fifteen percent (15%) of the metal’s yield point, the AST pressure sensor cell has less fatigue, higher proof/ burst pressure capability, and excellent long term stability.
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